Desert-shooter game NOMAD featuring my original score has just received its second content update and release on! You can purchase the game for PC at a reduced price of $3.99 on Nomadic Games' itch page or on Steam.

The second content update includes new enemies, guns, game modes and much more! Full details are on the game's Steam page, keep your eye out for content update 3 which will add further customisation options and additional game modes. I hope you enjoy shooting some smart AI and catching chickens to my desert blues-inspired score!

Matthew Koh's animated short film We'll Get There featuring my original score has just been released on YouTube! You can see the beautiful colour palette and gentle, uplifting story below:

I have collaborated with Matthew on a number of previous animated short films and it was a lot of fun working together to create a soundtrack that balances both drama and intimacy with an orchestral sound. I hope you enjoy the film and it provides a ray of sunshine and hope in the difficult times we're sharing.

8points' cyberpunk free-falling action game Eves Drop which features my original old-school techo inspired score has just had an update! To celebrate the game's first birthday it's on sale for 100% off and the Android version has just been released too! Both mobile and Windows versions are available for download on the game's page.

The game's soundtrack is also available to stream and purchase on Apple Music, Spotify and my releases page. I hope you enjoy playing Eves Drop as much as I enjoyed scoring it! Please keep an eye out for further details about 8points' new game Super Punchy Face which I will also be composing the soundtrack for.

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