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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Metamorphosis" Animated Short Film Release

I'm excited to share that Anna Rudichenko's animated short film Metamorphosis which features my original score has just been released on YouTube after a festival run last year. The film is inspired by Franz Kafka's novel of the same name and depicts Gregor, a soviet WW2 veteran and breadwinner for his elderly Father and young sister whose life is suddenly in turmoil after a tragic event pits him and his family against each other.

The stripped back score is inspired by eastern European classical scores and features a spellbinding violin performance by Anneka Sutcliffe. You can listen to this score along with a number of others on my album Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19 which can be streamed and purchased on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.


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