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Rupert Cole Composer Logo
Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Rail Route" Early Access Out Now!

Bitrich's rail management simulation game Rail Route which features my adaptive piano soundtrack and original sound design has just launched in early access on Steam! Playing the game involves controlling signals and trains, taking contracts and eventually expanding your rail network into a fully automated empire.

You can watch a preview of some of the gameplay elements in the launch trailer below. I had a lot of fun designing a piano soundtrack that ebbs and flows as the player's trains come and go as well as creating atmosphere tracks and UI sound effects to make gameplay immersive and satisfying.

You can buy the game for a 10% launch discount over on Steam, if you enjoy playing please consider leaving a review as it's an easy way to support a small indie development team. Please keep an eye out for further details of patches and updates including bug fixes and new features as well as new music and sound! In the meantime I hope you kick back, relax and enjoy Rail Route 🚂


Soundtrack Composer for Films, TV and Games

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