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A piece from a soundtrack to the comedy theatre production "A Sudden Burst of Blinding Light". It was first performed at the ADC Theatre in Cambridge, UK and ran at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017.

Original composition for Flute (Audrey Milheres), Viola (Richard Jones) and Harp (Fontane Liang) performed and recorded by The Octandre Ensemble at the Victoria Rooms in Bristol. 

Artwork Credit - Alexander Forssberg


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Eves Drop is a fast-paced action game set on the eve of the year 2000 featuring a pumping, dynamic electronic/trance score that shifts through subgenres as you descend further on your journey.

Listen to "EVES DROP: THE MIXTAPE" here.

NOMAD is a challenging top-down shooter accompanied by a desert-blues inspired score that builds and adapts as the threat to the player increases.

Listen to the game's soundtrack here.

Ascent of Grob's Domain is an adventure puzzle game with a calming, ambient synth score which adds drama and breadth to the eccentric sci-fi setting and pastel-shaded visuals.

Listen to the game's soundtrack here.

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