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Screenshot from sci-fi video game "Dwellers of the Gut"


Game Scores

Screenshot from film - image of fountains in a park

Other Music

Original theme tune written for the podcast Strangers in a Cinema which offers weekly reviews of the latest releases, features, interviews, and hotly-debated lists from across the film landscape.

Original composition for Flute (Audrey Milheres), Viola (Richard Jones) and Harp (Fontane Liang) performed and recorded by The Octandre Ensemble at the Victoria Rooms in Bristol. 

Artwork Credit - Alexander Forssberg


For my most recent projects see news, for further samples of my work visit my releases page.

Eves Drop is an action game featuring a pumping, dynamic electronic/trance score that shifts through subgenres as you descend further on your journey.


Rail Route is a relaxing train tycoon/management game with an adaptive solo piano score that ebbs and flows as trains come and go through your growing network.

Kitty Tactics has you fighting your fellow kitties in strategic battles with many different attacks and jobs along to my retro medieval-inspired score and sound design.

Listen to the soundtrack here

Soundtrack Composer for Films, TV and Games