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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"

Ricardo Bouyett's horror short film Even Saints Bleed which features my original score has just been selected for screening at Florida's SIN Film Festival, taking place at Fort Lauderdale on 1st-4th September. The festival is part of "Sinister Nights", a unique and immersive interactive horror-themed experience. Further details are available on the festival's homepage.

For a preview of Even Saints Bleed and a taster of my unrelenting and eerie soundtrack you can watch the trailer below:

Bailey Mitchell's Frinin & Bok-produced horror short film (Dis)Satisfaction which features my original score has been selected for screening in Bristol on Wednesday 25th May at The Cube Cinema. It will be shown alongside a heady mix of locally produced short films with tickets available for £3 on the Headfirst Bristol website.

Our film is a psychological horror film about Alice, a young woman living comfortably with her boyfriend Lowe. Although in a seemingly happy relationship, Alice has grown tired with her routine lifestyle and develops new sexual desires. Afraid of how Lowe will react, she hides her true feelings from him, but those feelings soon spiral out of control when she is menaced by a mysterious figure who stalks her nightly walks home. (Dis)Satisfaction is a story about sexual repression, liberation and about the importance of asserting your wants and needs and features an atmospheric, horror-inflected soundtrack featuring unnerving guitar textures and guttural, resonant samples that echo with the themes of forbidden desire. Further details are available on the The Cube Cinema's website, I hope you enjoy the screening and my soundtrack!

I'm excited to share the latest update for Rail Route is out now! Update 5 includes new features such as leaderboards and contests, bug fixes and updated audio including a brand new piece for viola and piano in the soundtrack entitled "From Wanderlust to Dawn". You can read all about the update over on the game's Steam page.

To keep up to date with all the latest news and announcements you can follow Rail Route on Twitter. I hope you enjoy the latest update and my soundtrack, happy dispatching!


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