The first demo of Ibe Denaux's brand new strategy game Kitty Tactics has just been released! You can play for free on Windows, Mac and Linux through, capturing territory and battling fellow felines along to my medieval-inspired soundtrack and sound design. The gameplay includes a varied combat system with numerous jobs each with unique attacks and abilities as well as tough-as-nails AI that you can choose to battle or befriend, depending on your strategic approach.

In other news, Argent Games' romantic vampire-themed visual novel Red Embrace which features my original score is on sale for halloween! It is currently available at 50% for $2.50 on the developers' page. If you haven't played the game before this is a great chance to jump into the dark, urban setting and engrossing narrative that has a "Very Positive" rating on Steam with over 75 reviews.

My score to Ricardo Bouyett and Eleshia Simms-Harris' visual documentary LYT is now available to stream and purchase on all platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and my releases page. A preview of the music is available below, I am very proud of this score and count myself lucky to have worked with such a talented and creative cast and crew.

Further details of the film are below:

Living Your Truth: a visual dialogue and short film by Ricardo Bouyett and Eleshia Simms-Harris

Momma JackieJ and Eleshia Simms-Harris illustrate the intergenerational tether of trauma that binds elders with their youth through their shared stories of mental health issues. In Living Your Truth, Momma JackieJ offers guidance as Eleshia and the rest of her community navigate the stigma of mental health and engage in an open dialogue that quickly becomes a visual mecca.

LYT says that black mental health matters and urges communities to create accessible and open space for mental health and for it to be taken seriously in spite of societal stigma. It is not enough to simply love someone or ourselves, we must see the value in community and care for each other as well as ourselves; when we value something, we put in the necessary work to take care of it. Through the power of conversation, solidarity, and activism, Living Your Truth calls everyone to self-reflect and do the inner work to begin the healing process.

Owain Astles, the director of Sleeping Rough and the upcoming BBC New Creatives short film To My Younger Self, both which feature my original score, has been interview in Radical Art Review. You can read the article here, where he discusses the filmmaking process, homeslessness and what we can do about it.

You can watch a preview clip of the film on youtube here which includes a snippet of my original score. Screenings of Sleeping Rough have been postponed following the COVID-19 outbreak, but will hopefully be available to screen online at the end of the year. Find out where you can view it.

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