8points' cyberpunk free-falling action game Eves Drop which features my original old-school techo inspired score has just had an update! To celebrate the game's first birthday it's on sale for 100% off and the Android version has just been released too! Both mobile and Windows versions are available for download on the game's page.

The game's soundtrack is also available to stream and purchase on Apple Music, Spotify and my releases page. I hope you enjoy playing Eves Drop as much as I enjoyed scoring it! Please keep an eye out for further details about 8points' new game Super Punchy Face which I will also be composing the soundtrack for.

The psychological horror short film (Dis)Satisfaction which I will be scoring has a live indiegogo page to help raise funds for its production. There are a number of perks available, including the newly-added option of a digital copy of the film's soundtrack for a donation of £30! Learn more about the film and listen to a sneak preview of my score for the film in the fundraising video below:

Similarly, the film's synopsis is as follows...

Alice is living comfortably with her boyfriend Lowe. Although in a seemingly happy relationship, Alice has grown tired with her routine lifestyle and develops new sexual desires. Afraid of how Lowe will react, she hides her true feelings from him, but those feelings soon spiral out of control when she is menaced by a mysterious figure who stalks her nightly walks home.

This is a story about sexual repression, liberation and about the importance of asserting your wants and needs.

If you are interested in helping this short film come to life and have the funds available to donate please consider doing so through the indiegogo page. We recently had a script read through with the cast which was very promising, it's sure to be a gripping and powerful film!

Desert shooter game NOMAD which features my original desert-blues inspired score has just had its first content update! It includes support for gamepads and 2 new game modes as well as additional bug fixes and adjustments.

You can read the full patch notes and buy the game on NOMAD's Steam page, please keep an eye out for upcoming content updates new features, fixes and more are added to the game in future.

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