Perfectionist, a short film directed by James Hood featuring my original score has just been released for streaming on Vuni, a mobile app for student films, documentaries and short form video content from emerging new creatives across the UK. You can download the app on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and watch our film as well as many others for free!

You can also listen to and purchase my dark, atmospheric soundtrack built around saxophone textures on Spotify, Apple Music and other major platforms as well as my releases page.

Hotdawg's brand new fast-paced bubble popping adventure game Acid Bath featuring my original soundtrack is now available to download and play for free on the Google Play Store! You can watch a gameplay trailer below with a preview of the game's boss fight track "Colourflood":

It was so much fun putting together a wacky, trippy soundtrack inspired by the game's oil-slick visuals. I hope you enjoy the frantic fun of popping bubbles and beating bosses along with my music, you can also stream and buy the OST on Spotify, Apple Music as well as my releases page. The iOS release is planned soon so keep an eye out for further announcements!

Kitty Tactics, a strategy game of battling cats featuring my original audio has just had a brand new trailer, Steam page and release date announcement - it will be available to play on 24th February! You can watch the trailer below for a taste of the game's aesthetic and varied combat mechanics.

The game's key features as outlined on the Steam Page are below:

Conquer the land by putting marking your territory and vanquishing foes in turn-based combat as a cute kitty! Grow stronger by levelling up as you engage in whisker warfare to unlock unique jobs and skills. Gain allies as you interact with other cats to build lasting relationships, but other cats hold grudges and remember favours that drive their actions and behaviour. Enjoy fast paced turn-based tactical combat with territory focused gameplay. Use a huge range of unique jobs and skills to fight dynamic and challenging AI whilst making allies and foes through the persistent relationship system. 

If you have an account, please consider wishlisting us on Steam to help Kitty Tactics reach a wide audience and support an indie developer!


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