Ricardo Bouyett's short film A Sweeter Place which features my original soundtrack is out now! Watch the film below to experience Olivia's story of imposter syndrome and creative struggle. You can also read an interview with the film's writer/director over on The Luna Collective where Ricardo offers an insight into his creative process and why this is one of his most personal films to date.

The film's synopsis is below;

A working artist, Olivia, struggles with an onset of imposter syndrome. Looking for a way out of her rut, she spends her time painting only to find herself being disappointed with the result. Frustrated with her failure, Olivia goes to her back porch and notices she can build something better out of the things laying around her house. She collides with her fate as she enjoys the fruits of this new labour and understands what she needs to do in order to overcome her imposter syndrome. In a beat of transformation, Olivia confronts her failure and tumbles down the rabbit hole of her self-critical thoughts.

You can also listen to my soundtrack for the film on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms as well as my releases page. It was a wonderful experience working with Ricardo again to make emotive synth textures combined with solo acoustic lines and captivating percussive rhythm, I hope you enjoy the film and my score.

I'm excited to share that Anna Rudichenko's animated short film Metamorphosis which features my original score has just been released on YouTube after a festival run last year. The film is inspired by Franz Kafka's novel of the same name and depicts Gregor, a soviet WW2 veteran and breadwinner for his elderly Father and young sister whose life is suddenly in turmoil after a tragic event pits him and his family against each other.

The stripped back score is inspired by eastern European classical scores and features a spellbinding violin performance by Anneka Sutcliffe. You can listen to this score along with a number of others on my album Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19 which can be streamed and purchased on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.

Film reviews podcast Strangers in a Cinema has just debuted the brand new theme tune I composed! I had a lot of fun writing an exciting and cinematic tune to compliment the reviews of each week's biggest releases, you can listen to it on the latest episode which covers Malcolm & Marie and The Dig on Soundcloud below.

The podcast is well established and has a back catalogue of insightful and entertaining reviews, you can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify as well as all other major podcast platforms.


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