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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"

8points games' indie titles Super Punchy Face and Eves Drop featuring my original soundtrack are both on sale for Steam's "Going Rogue" festival! This is a great chance to treat yourself by picking them up for a reduced price and support the developers, with Eves Drop coming in at 51% off! For a taste of Super Punchy Face's dynamic and wacky fighting gameplay you can check out the trailer here.

You can also listen to my original soundtrack for Eves Drop on all major streaming platforms and purchase the brain-melting, cyber-hacking beats on Bandcamp. If you pick up the games I hope you enjoy them! For all the latest news and updates from 8points Games please follow them on Twitter., developers of rail simulation/strategy game Rail Route which features my original soundtrack have just announced Rail Route: The Story of Jozic! A completely free story-driven standalone prequel to the main game, it will be available from 21st June, further details in the trailer below:

If you are interested in playing please make sure to wishlist the games and follow the developers on Twitter for regular updates. You can also be a part of the community helping bring Rail Route to life by joining the busy Discord community!

I'm pleased to share that WildBrain's animated series emojitown® which features my original soundtrack has just hit two brilliant milestones! As of this week, the channel has amassed over 250 million total views and 600k subscribers! Having started from nothing less than a year ago it's extremely exciting to see the series find an audience who connect with the wacky adventures of the residents of emojitown.

You can join the party and watch the latest episode over on the show's channel and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe to keep up with new releases.


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