I'm excited to share that Ricardo Bouyett's new short film A Sweeter Place which features my original score will release on 12th February. A trailer featuring a preview of "Nothing Ever Works" from the soundtrack is available to watch below.

It was a brilliant experience collaborating with Ricardo to bring this intimate and powerful story to life. My soundtrack which combines electronic textures with acoustic sounds will release simultaneously on all major streaming platforms with the film, you can pre-save it on Spotify here. A synopsis of the film is below.

A working artist, Olivia, struggles with an on-set of imposter syndrome. Looking for a way out of her rut, she spends her time painting only to find herself being disappointed with the result. Frustrated with her failure, Olivia goes to her back porch and notices she can build something better out of the things laying around her house. She collides with her fate as she enjoys the fruits of this new labor and understands what she needs to do in order to overcome her imposter syndrome. In a beat of transformation, Olivia confronts her failure and tumbles down the rabbit hole of her self-critical thinking and ultimate demise.

Owain Astles' short film Sleeping Rough: Catherine's Story which focuses on a young woman forced into homelessness by an abusive partner and features my original score has been selected by Kino London for The People's Film Festival 2021. You can watch a trailer with previews of some of the other brilliant shorts selected for screenings below.

Further details about the film from the festival website are below.

Sleeping Rough: Catherine’s Story follows Catherine, a young woman who moves straight out of care into a flat with her boyfriend; however it soon becomes clear that the relationship is emotionally abusive, and with no-one to turn to, she escapes onto the streets.
Sleeping Rough: Catherine’s Story is a community-based docudrama about female street homelessness. Based on real interviews conducted with women experiencing homelessness, the film follows a young woman and the circumstances that force her to sleep on the street. The film was produced in collaboration with The Big Issue Foundation and Cardboard Citizens, shot in real locations and entirely with actors with personal experience of homelessness. Sleeping Rough: Catherine’s Story encourages understanding of the issues that affect women experiencing homelessness and aims to empower people to take a stand.

Perfectionist, a short film directed by James Hood featuring my original score has just been released for streaming on Vuni, a mobile app for student films, documentaries and short form video content from emerging new creatives across the UK. You can download the app on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and watch our film as well as many others for free!

You can also listen to and purchase my dark, atmospheric soundtrack built around saxophone textures on Spotify, Apple Music and other major platforms as well as my releases page.


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