Ibe Denaux's strategy game Kitty Tactics which features my original music and sound was recently released on Steam and has now received a few reviews! a strong 9/10 review from The Game Crater commented on the "incredibly compelling gameplay" and "jovial atmosphere" which I hope the music helped towards. Turn Based Lovers landed on 7/10, identifying "a great deal of depth and replay value" in their review, with a special mention for the "compelling core gameplay loop".

Finally, The Indie Game Website gave the game an 8/10, praising the game for its addictive quality, calling it "charming and wonderful". If you haven't had a chance to play Kitty Tactics yet, you can purchase it for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam or itch.io

Off-Kilter Magazine has just published a review of Ricardo Bouyett's short film A Sweeter Place which features my original soundtrack. Luccas Hallow's article is a thoughtful examination of the film's themes and praises the beautiful visuals and unique handling of the horror genre. It's brilliant to see the film receive praise and critical analysis, you can watch it below to see for yourself why Off-Kilter Magazine consider it a 'genuinely exciting' work.

Ibe Denaux's game Kitty Tactics featuring my original music and sound is out now for PC on Itch.io and Steam with a 10% launch discount! Watch the trailer below to get a feel for the game's challengingly addictive strategic combat systems and a preview of my music and sound.

The game has already received its first review, scoring 8/10 from The Indie Game Website as well a feature on the Best Indie Games YouTube channel. My soundtrack for the game has been released simultaneously, available to stream and purchase on Spotify, Apple Music and all other major platforms.

I hope you enjoy playing Kitty Tactics and succeed in defeating your fellow kitties along to my soundtrack! I had so much fun working with the developer Ibe to create a fusion of baroque instruments with vintage video game-inspired sounds as well as characterful sound effects for each attack.


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