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Rupert Cole Composer Logo
Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"

James Hood's award-winning psychological horror short film Caretaker which features my original score will be screening at Romford Horror Festival on 2nd March. It was a real treat to catch the film on the big screen at the end of last year in Bristol, so I encourage you to enjoy my eerie, atmospheric soundscapes on in a cinema with an audience!

In this exploration of identity and existence, a young woman finds her reality fracture around her as she attempts to reconnect with her withering Mother.

For tickets to the Caretaker screening and the other fantastic films programmed, head over to the festival homepage. Please keep an eye out for further screenings and release details, the best way to stay up to date with all Caretaker news is by following the film's official Instragram account!

I'm excited to share the Greenlit Crowdfunder for comedy short film No Worries if Not!, written and directed by Emma Hodgkinson and currently in production with Untamed Productions that will feature my original soundtrack. The film is a dark comedy that follows the breakdown of a chronic people pleaser. Shot in Birmingham and made by a team of Brummie creatives, it has been awarded funding by the City on Screen initiative and will premiere at The Mockingbird Cinema in Digbeth.

There's lots more details available on the film's Greenlit page including a video of writer/director Emma's description of the film in her own words. Giving voice to the silent struggles of serial people pleasers is absolutely vital if we want to see change, and the script was written and developed with qualified mental health professionals. If at all possible we'd love for you to get involved by donating just a few pounds and help make this the film it deserves to be.

Owain Astles' charity short film A Touch of Hope which features my sound design and audio mix has been honoured as a finalist in the Charity Film Awards! After successfully garnering votes in the first round, the film is now entering second stage of voting, which you can do at this link (it only takes 2 minutes!

I'm so proud to have played a part in bringing this important story to life and highlighting the fantastic work of Dallaglio RugbyWorks.


Soundtrack Composer for Films, TV and Games

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