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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"

Voting has just opened for this year's Playdate community awards and Resonant Tale's developer Scott and I would love for you to show our little game some love! We had a blast throwing all our best and wildest ideas into this game and its music, and it's been wonderful seeing such a strong response from both players and Panic staff. We were overjoyed to be feratured in both "Staff Picks" and "🔥 Soundtracks" on Catalog and would love to encourage anyone who had fun with our game to take 5 minutes to vote.

All details of how to cast your votes are available on the Playdate community wiki. A huge thank you to anyone who does support Resonant Tale in this way, Scottr and I greatly appreciate it. Best of luck to all the other talented Playdate developers and (hopefully) see you at the show next year!

Owain Astles' short film A Touch of Hope, made for RugbyWorks and featuring my sound design and audio mix, has been nominated for a Charity Film Award! If you haven's had a chance to watch the film, you can catch it on the charity's YouTube channel. It tells a really important story of how team sports and encouraging, caring leadership can go a long way in helping young people struggling in school - essentially the core mission of RugbyWorks!

If you have a moment, please vote for the film over on the Charity Film Awards website, the only details required are a name and email address for validation. All the team who helped bring this project to life massively appreciate any votes cast in support of this film and charity. Similarly, if you know any educators interested in seeking support in this area please share the film with them too.

An interview with Ibe Denaux, the designer and developer behind Verses of Enchantment, a roguelike deckbuilder released earlier this year featuring my original music and writing, has just released! Listen below to the new episode of "TSI Talks" to learn more about the game, Ibe's process and a peek behind the curtain of game development as a whole.

If you enjoyed the podcast you can play Verses of Enchantment on Steam now! You can also listen to my original soundtrack on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music and other major platforms. This game was a really special project to be a part of, I hope you enjoy conjuring magic poetry to best your wizarding enemies!


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