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I recently completed work on the soundtrack to the visual novel Red Embrace and the developers have now officially announced the game! It is planned to release in February 2018 along with the full soundtrack, with further details to come. You can read more about the game, its plot and characters on Lemma Soft forums.

You can also follow the Argent Games team on twitter as they add the final touches to Red Embrace. I am proud of the music created for this visual novel and excited to share it with you very soon.

"A Bee's Journey" is now available to stream on my releases page. This piece was originally written for Zu Aerial's bee awareness community arts project "HUM" but also features in the trailer for the French film festival Cinéma Télérama Enfants 2018.

The piece is inspired by the vibrant and wonderful life cycle of bees and was written to accompany a choreographed dance by a group of schoolchildren. Each section represents a different portion or role in a bee's life, with a variety of tempi, atmospheres and instrumentations. I would love to hear what you think of the track, please get in touch to give feedback.

Artwork Credit: Becky Ballantine

The deadline has just passed and the judging has concluded for the European Culture Forum Game Jam 2017. I collaborated with a team of Italian developers to add a soundtrack to their sci-fi exploration game which has just won the bronze medal! Working under the 28 hour time constraint was challenging and rewarding, especially for the team members responsible for coding and design.

You can watch some footage of the game being shown at the event here. There are plans to make the game playable online very soon and I will be sure to post an update if and when it is available.


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