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"Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19" Out Today!

I'm so excited to share my new album "Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19" with you, it's out today!! You can listen and purchase the album on all major streaming platforms or on my releases page.

Below is a trailer with a little preview of each film and their scores:

A little more about each of the films; "First Day" by Jenna Feltham is a charming stop motion comedy with a jazzy score, Jenna did an awesome job with the lively character animation and set details.

"Two Sisters" by Emma Crossland is a mysterious fairytale with a solo piano score, Emma's film's storytelling, both visual and in the VO, is brilliant - watch out for the twist..!

"Lily's Robot Repairs" by Kaya Horiya is a whimsical and fun adventure with an upbeat orchestral sound, Kaya's colour palette is so beautiful and you will definitely be swept up in the drama. You can watch the film here.

"Metamorphosis" by Anna Rudichenko is a melancholic reimagining of the Kafka classic with a mellow score featuring solo violin, the gentle pacing and distinctive character design give this film a unique tone.

"SMITE!" by insta Tyler Nardone is a throwback comedy set in ancient Rome with a lively orchestral score, I love Tyler's wacky animations and creative backgrounds particularly.

"Last Stop" by Alecson Yang is an atmospheric horror film with an ambient, abstract score. Alecson keeps the tension up right until the end, it's a scary watch with a classic feel.

Finally, "To Steer Her By" by insta Nikolas Powell is a magical, gentle tale of a man stranded at sea with an impressionistic watery score. Nik's film is a very different kind of 'lost at sea' tale with an expressive and enchanting mood. You can watch the trailer here.

I hope you enjoy the album and its range of styles and moods, keep an eye out for news of further releases of these films once they've finished their respective festival runs!


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