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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


New Soundtrack and Short Film Release - "Perfectionist"

Frinin and Bok's Short film "Perfectionist" directed by James Hood and featuring my original score has just been released on Vimeo! You can watch below:

A simmering rivalry between two brothers boils over in this dark rumination on artistic obsession. Feuds become fires when these skilled craftsmen are tempted by an impossible task, promising untold riches. ‘Perfectionist’ unsettlingly reflects on the troubles which can consume the creative mind and the lengths considered necessary to protect an artist's craft.

For this film I created a dark, experimental score that is built from saxophone phrases and extended techniques, you can stream and buy the soundtrack on my releases page as well as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and others. The film has also been submitted to a number of festivals so please keep an eye out for details of screenings!


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