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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Even Saints Bleed" Short Film and Soundtrack Release

Ricardo Bouyett's latest short film Even Saints Bleed which features my original soundtrack has just released online, available to watch on the Bouy Films YouTube channel:

I am so excited and proud to share this beautiful, visceral film. Ricardo's direction and the actors' performances created such powerful material that was an absolute joy to score. The film is about a young writer, Alma, who cycles through different rewrites of her first novel as she fights through her writer's block, only to find herself in a violent loop at the expense of her friend Kia.

My soundtrack features abrasive strings and broiling synth textures that compliment the tense and brutal narrative. You can stream and purchase the score on Spoitfy, Apple Music and Bandcamp etc. I hope you enjoy the film and my music, this is one of the most substantial projects I have composed for so am immensely happy to finally be able to share it!

Cast: Alma - Sar Cohen, Kia - Nikki Harris, Fernando - Felix Alexander Crew: Prod. Bouy Films, Dir. Ricardo Bouyett Producers: Sar Cohen + Daisy Cardenas Script Editor: Nikki Harris Assistant Director: Daisy Cardenas Wardrobe/Styling: Sar Cohen Intimacy Coordinator: Nicki Del Valle On-Location Sound Mixers: Jeff Ryan + Joe Vnuck Re-Recording Mixer: Jeffy Ryan Sound Editor: Noelle Daniels Dialogue Editor: Victoria Salazar Original Score: Rupert Cole Locations Courtesy of: The Eagles Nest Cabin Soapbox Laundry Matthew McDougal Recipient of the 2021 Chicago Digital Media Production Fund a project by Chicago Filmmakers funded by Voqal. Sound work courtesy of Noisefloor Ltd


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