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Rupert Cole Composer Logo
Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Hamster Wheel" Soundtrack Release

My original soundtrack for Frinin & Bok's short film Hamster Wheel is now available to purchase and stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp and all other major platforms.

Written and directed by Jonny Pert, the film is a meditation on our contemporary relationship with technology and social media shot in one unbroken take. A highly complex production and searingly relevant subject matter, the electronic score adds propulsion and emotion to the balletic central performance from Isobel Griffiths.

I had a blast creating this exciting soundtrack and hope you enjoy having a listen, please keep an eye out for further updates on festival screenings and online release in future. To stay up to date with Frinin & Bok you can follow them on Instagram.


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