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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Resonant Tale" OST Featured in Free Playdate Music App

I'm excited to share that Scott Hall's upcoming playdate game Resonant Tale, which I am currently scoring, is featured in the brand new music app called NOW That's What I Call Pulp! Inspired by the hit NOW! albums that first hit the UK in 1983, this is a player filled to the brim with musical gems from some of the top Pulp Games and creators! Watch the trailer below for a taste of the tracks and their respective games, you can download for free over on

Included in the package are five tracks from Resonant Tale that represent the opening events of the game - waking up on a mysterious beach, navigating a beguiling forest maze and exploring a haunted shrine. I hope you enjoy the tracks, it's been a blast working on the soundtrack so far and I'm looking forward to sharing the full experience in the near future.


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