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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


Telerama and Play It Again Festival Trailers Released

Two film festival trailers are now available on Vimeo featuring my music! I was lucky enough to have my solo piano piece "Dolore" score the

trailer for Festival Play It Again! (available on the festival homepage), which features clips from classic films such as "The Graduate" and "My Life to Live".

The other trailer - for Festival Cinéma Télérama Enfants - includes an excerpt from my recent release "A Bee's Journey", set against footage from the films due to be screened including "Paddington 2" and "My Life as a Courgette". This trailer will be screened in 174 cinemas across France for the next six weeks and shorter versions of it will be featuring on the five French television channels run by, if you're in the country keep an eye out for it!

Tickets for both festivals are available here:


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