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Screenshot from animated short film "The Curious Tale of Aunt Binks"


"Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19" Album Announcement

I am overjoyed to announce on the 1st November my album "Mischief & Mystery: Sheridan Scores '19" will be released on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and my releases page as well as other music platforms!

This is the brilliant artwork by Monica Nguyen-Vo depicting each of the characters from the seven different films in a wonderfully lively way! The album is a compilation of seven scores composed for seven animated short films. With stories ranging from horror to comedy, fantasy to tragedy, each film has a unique stylistic voice and the music was tailored accordingly.

I am so excited to share this group of pieces as they each tell a different story and were such a joy to write. You can preorder the album on my bandcamp page and pre-save it on Spotify to listen to on 1st November!


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